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10 annoying things husbands do

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A few months back, I did a post on "How Not to be a Nagging Wife". I got a good bit of feedback on it, both positive and negative and I am here for it ALL! My favorite was a simple question as to why I don't write a post on How NOT to annoy your wife...I thought it was a great idea considering sometimes the hubs can do some pretty annoying things. So ladies, I'm giving you the ultimate list of things husbands do that just ANNOY us (yep, I asked around) and I'm leaving it up to you to tag him and drop the hint! Maybe you will have some less annoying moments this year...

  1. Leaving the toilet seat up, I mean like seriously, you STILL do that?
  2. Over-stuffing the trashcan until it's about to explode to avoid taking it out.  It's not gonna grow a pair of legs and take itself out
  3. Announcing "Guys Night In" with a 5 minute notice
  4. Man Cleaning: When they just move everything around without dusting, vacuuming or actually cleaning.
  5. Buying you gifts that THEY want YOU to have. "Thanks?"
  6. Driving in circles saying "He knows where he is going" until you put it in the GPS and suddenly we've arrived!
  7. Handing you the phone to talk to someone when he clearly sees you shaking your head no.
  8. Washing everything in hot water; yep I have a few sweater dresses that are just sweaters now.
  9. Snoring while watching T.V. but swearing that he is wide awake.
  10. Trying to do the nasty at the most inopportune moments...Like seriously, I am NOT in the mood while in the middle of painting my nails!

Now that I got that off my chest and off the chests of a few anonymous wives...Please share some of the little things that your husband does to annoy you.  It's completely normal, trust me!

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  1. Loved the post. Can we add knowing baby has a dirty diaper i.e #2 and purposefully ignores the smell until mom comes around to change it. This grinds my grits lol.

  2. My husband totally does the trash thing all the time. He’ll even get a plastic bag and leave it on the bin and stuff that to the limit ;-). Haha! But l’m worse so l don’t mind too much. Great list!

  3. Hilarious. I feel you, I think I will try to come up with a list. Because you hit the nail on the head with that remote! My hubby is a remote HOG! And he can’t stand to give it up even when he is asleep!

  4. Oh yeah, my hubbs has been guilty of a few of these for sure. Time has taught him how to do better though lol.

  5. I’m not married, but this post made me chuckle. I must admit I’m guilty of a couple of these offenses myself out of sheer laziness. Especially #2 and #8 *covers eyes*.

  6. I am guilty of overstuffing the trashcan. My husband becomes annoyed with ME lol #9 annoys me to no end. You have no idea. My husband can be asleep, snoring and all, but as soon as I turn the channel or turn off the tv he gets upset. Dude, you were ASLEEP!

  7. #9 and #10…like seriously!!!! OMG!!! LOL! This is a great list…some actually made me laugh because I saw my husband in them!

  8. I’m dying laughing! I have one for you…. Thinking that doing the nasty will cure everything wrong with you all the time… It’s the cure all for everything!

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