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We’ve established that there are ups and downs to being a Wifeprenuer. Of course there is the satisfaction of having something for yourself. Your business, your goals, and everything in between. The tough part comes when you have to balance EVERYTHING. It isn’t impossible but it can be really difficult to live the entrepreneurial life, wife life, social life and if you have kiddos the mom life. But thank God for technology…especially apps! I have found some amazing apps that make being an entrepreneur so much easier and just to add a little icing on the cake, it makes being a wife/mom a little easier too! Check out my FAVORITE apps below:

yummlyYummly: Yummly is freaking AWESOME! Shout out to Radena Colbert of The Wifestyle Addict for putting me on to it. It helps me be creative with dinner, creates an actual grocery list, has drink recipes, crockpot meal ideas, you name it. So, I am actually starting to looove cooking and it is fun to try new things without worrying about the stress of trying new things. Trust me, it’s worth the download.

wordswagWordSwag: I’ve had people ask me about some of my graphics that I use. Word Swag is super dope if you aren’t a graphic design artist but you want your words to have an impact. It’s super easy to use and when used consistently can be really helpful with branding.

Canva_LogoCanva: If you haven’t gotten on the canva train, GET IT TOGETHER NOW! I don’t know how I functioned before Canva. It literally helps with everything. Use it for flyers, Ebook covers, business proposals, etc.

flippFlipp: Yep, Flipp is pretty awesome. It is super great with knowing what stores have sales and planning your budget for the week.

trelloTrello: If you have a bunch of projects to manage, this is the perfect app to keep EVERYTHING organized. It’s like having multiple to-do lists that help you from the beginning of the project to the end.

Random Observance: Why are 4 out of 5 of these APPS in blue?

Share any apps that have helped you out!!

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  1. Being a business owner can be tough but these are all some great apps for any entrepreneur.

  2. I loved yummly when I was dieting! Canva is my go to app for anything I post on my blog. I absolutely love these. I will take a look at these tonight.

  3. I am familiar all the apps mentioned good list for any and everyone.

  4. First of all, love your site:-) second tnak you for all the great tips, im book marking it because some sites I haven’t heard of, but im excited to try.

  5. Blue must convey some sort of message so we trust the app. I think I’m going to look into word swag right now!

  6. Canva has got to be my BFF in every aspect of what I do! Love it. I recently started using Yummly a bit more as well. Great list!

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