Dear Strong Black Mother,

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In my almost 32 years on this earth, I have been blessed to have a relationship with my mother that I wouldn’t change for the world. We laugh with each other. She encourages me. I call her before I call the doctor when my little has some strange random symptoms. She is brave. Sometimes unsure, but she always figures it out. Godly and fun. I often look at my mother, my aunts, sisters and daughter and wonder where the world got it wrong.


Why does the world assume that black women are just a bunch of baby mamas. That we are uneducated and simple. That we hate ourselves so much we wear weaves…but on the contrary we hate ourselves so much that we also may choose to wear our hair in the natural state that it grows from our head. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME? Black women are depicted as being loud and abrasive. If we speak our minds somehow we are offensive and scary. Black mothers are shown on the media often struggling or in bad relationships. We are celebrated for ripping each other’s weaves out and sleeping with their men. But the truth shall speak for itself.


Black mothers are raising a generation of black leaders. There’s a reason why the black woman is the most educated in our population. Everyone isn’t a baby mama and everyone isn’t a gold digger. Black women are praying that their black sons come home every day. Working tirelessly to break the skewed stereotype. Proudly wearing our curly, nappy, straight and coiled roots. We are teaching our children that their voice is louder than they think. We are married and connected to the father of our children. We are blended families that have the advantage of co-parenting. We are prayer warriors late at night. We can play basketball with our sons and dance with our daughters. We are molded with curves, have stretch marks from birth and love the women that we are. We come from generations of women who held the world on their shoulders so that we can walk this earth freely with poise and grace.

Dear Strong Black Mothers: Thank you.

Oh, yeah...this post is dedicated to the woman that I have the pleasure of looking like, learning from, laughing with and growing into...My mother is kinda the bomb ya'll!

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