Why Evian Facial Spray is a must for Summer

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I love everything about the Summer. Summer showers, cookouts, sexy shades, spritzers and anything else that I can get from the rays. But the one thing I hate the most is SWEATING! It's one thing to have a nice sweat after a workout but when the occasion calls for me to grab the lipstick and blush, I don't want to look like I'm melting 3 minutes later.

And then there was Evian Facial Spray!

This past weekend I went to Tybee Island in Savannah, GA the family and after 1 use, I promised myself I wouldn't go throughout this Summer in struggle mode...Don't get me wrong, nothing beats the good ole' AC, but this is defintiely a keeper and a cool compromise (pun intended)

Hero in a bottle

Hero in a bottle


So basically, this facial spray is everything!

1. Use it in the morning or before bed
2. Use it after applying makeup to set it and go
3. Use it as a midday pick me up..(Listen, the mist alone is like taking a 2 second walk next to the Niagara Falls)

- There are several different uses for it
- It doesn’t leave a weird residue on your face or body
- It doesn’t contain all the stuff that we are trying to avoid (Like Parabens and Sulphates)

- It may seem a little pricey...looks like the average price is around $13
- You may look weird spraying your face in public but then again, who cares?

Yep, my lipstick was still poppin!

Yep, my lipstick was still poppin!

By the way this is a *sponsored post* but don't worry, I wasn't bullied! All thoughts and opinions are mine!

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  1. I totally melt in the summer so l would welcome using the Evian mist for sure :-). Will be sure to check it out.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize that Evian now makes skin care products. Thanks for the inside scoop. I will definitely check this line of product out. I like you hate to sweat; especially when you are trying to look your best!

  3. I didn’t even know Evian made a facial spray. I only know them as a brand that makes drinking water and that is it. I would totally use a misting spray like this to keep me cool and looking together. This is a great idea.

  4. This spray is my go to for when I have a long flight. I either use this or a rose /aloe water spray.

  5. hahaha you’re right I don’t care what people think lol! Anyway this spray seems awesome and it doesn’t have any of that pore clogging stuff? yesss! I’ll definitely be checking this out soon!

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