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Food that sets the mood

In Wifestyle by Mrs. Ashlee Adams20 Comments

I am always down to learning tips and tricks to help me with my love life. When you feel like you have done it all and there is nothing left to learn, then your marriage is in trouble.


With that being said, trying new foods and different recipes may have a few great benefits for your marriage. There are literally foods out there that can help get you in the MOOD. So when you make your grocery list this week, think about adding a new ingredient and spicing things up a bit.

  • aphrodisiacs-oysters

    OYSTERS: I had to get easy ones out the way. Yes it’s true, oysters can help increase the production of testosterone which of course increases the desire for sex.

  • red-chile-e1383576353722

    RED CHILES: Apparently, this pepper doesn't just spice up your food. The pepper has endorphins in it, speeds up the heart rate and helps you feel more aroused. When you eat something spicy you even sweat and breathe deep…sounds sexy to me.

  • coffee

    COFFEE: Starbucks may be an investment into your sex life. Apparently the caffeine in coffee also increases your heart rate and blood flow and that my friends, may get you in the mood.

  • steak

    STEAK: There is no science to this. A lot of men like a big, juicy, manly steak. If you are going to cook for him, a nice steak will compliment his manhood and gives you something to work off later.

  • watermelon

    WATERMELON: This cool, sweet fruit is known to relax blood vessels and works like a natural form of Viagra. So, it would be great to find a way to incorporate Watermelon in something you eat!

  • avocado

    AVOCADOS: Guess what? This green fruit that is becoming a staple in diets for the good fats also is filled with vitamin E which simply means that it gives you more energy and we all could use a little more of that during our horizontal exercise routines with our loves.

  • bananas

    BANANAS: Yep, these delicious treats actually provide potassium to the muscles and this in turn means you may have even better orgasms! I guess they are shaped that way for a reason.

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Mrs. Ashlee Adams

Ashlee Adams is a vibrant voice for married women everywhere. She has developed The Social Wives Club as an outlet for wives and wives to be. Just because you're married, doesn't mean you can't pursue your purpose!

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  1. I love all of these suggestions. I had no idea Watermelon sets the stage for getting it on. I will be grabbing some soon.

  2. Ooh la la. Who knew my favorite summertime fruit, watermelon, had an effect on the desire for sex. I learn something new all the time in this blogging world.

  3. Adjusting my grocery list as I type. I see a few of our favorites are already on the list. I had no idea, we eat guacamole several days a week.

  4. I’m not married but this is good to know. a lot of these foods help with making your skin healthier which come in handy for when you doing want to put on make up.

  5. Yes the oysters and Starbucks!!! Can’t get my morning started without Starbucks. I didn’t used to like a avocados outside of guacamole, but they’ve grown on me!

  6. Interesting list of food items. I heard about a few of these in the past, but coffee and red chili peppers were new to me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the information. I enjoyed the slide show presentation.

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