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Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I wanted to do a cute list of ALL the great gifts you can get for under $20 but all I kept thinking about was the one gift that a lot of people look forward to on Valentine's Day,this is the perfect Night Cap and the only thing better than chocolate...SEX! Sex is fun when it's spontaneous and sometimes when it's sweaty but when you are preparing for a day like Valentine's Day, you have to do a little extra than the usual. Check out the ultimate "Prep for Sex" list and share some tips below (NO PUN INTENDED, lol).

Shave, Wax, Trim: Listen, some like it bare. Some like a little bit of hair and some like a bush. Whatever you and your significant other's preference may be, just make sure to trim it up a bit. This is not the time to have an untamed bush!! And yes, this goes for the men too!

Upgrade the lotion game: Everyday lotion is good but you don't want to have lotioned legs and ashy feet. If you have some extra dry spots, like on your elbows or knees, mix your lotion with a little Vaseline to soften those areas up a bit.

Get some grown up smell good: Body sprays are cute but when you are getting grown and sexed, it's time to step it up a little bit. Perfume or cologne go a long way and have a lingering affect that a body spray can't mimic. Put the perfume in every place that you want to be kissed! Behind your ears, on your wrist, and on your chest are great spots. Just don't over do it, because too much perfume or cologne can kill the mood real quick!

Aphrodisiacs: Eat a little something that will help the mood. Oysters and dark chocolates are big aphrodisiacs and if you drink, red wine is full of antioxidants and will help with releasing just a little of your inhibitions. Disclaimer: Don't get drunk..it's not cute in this situation!


Research: If you want to try something new, do a little research. You can research positions, products, mood music, you name it! Ask questions randomly and casually like " What's your fantasy?" or "Where would you do it anywhere in the world?" This may help you set up the perfect scene when it's time to get to it.

Dress the Part: If your a lingerie girl, I just hosted a Sip & Shop at Soma Intimates and they have AMAZING and affordable lingerie. If lingerie and lace bras aren't really your thing, then throw on his button up or just a pair of heels. At the end of the day, the idea is to get the clothes OFF right?

a guideto bigcitylife &love.

Be confident: Our bodies change throughout the years. We have kids, acquire stretch marks and may not fit in the same jeans we did 10 years ago. But none of that matters when you feel your best and when you know that the person you are with loves YOU and most importantly when YOU love YOU first.

Just so you know the prep for sex isn't just for him. Just imagine how great you will feel after preparing to be intimate with the person you choose to love! Kinda Awesome right?! Anyways, enjoy your sextimate times and make sure to feel remember that you deserve to feel good about yourself.

Any ladies out there with some prep ideas before sex?!!

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  1. Lovely tips. I am a fan of lotion more than anything. My skin is always so ashy and dry. A huge turn off for me, never mind my husband so l always make sure l use lots of shea butter, and a bit of shaving/waxing :-).

  2. Well…this was an interesting post. I am so on board with women buying with real perfume. Body sprays in your 40’s ain’t cute!!

  3. Aw sookie, sookie now! These tips are sure to prep you for the night’s activities. A relaxing massage is another great way to get your mind right and relax first.

  4. Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing the tips. Great perfume or cologne can go a long way to set the mood and sexiness.

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